"Remember spending time with your best
friends when you were young? You shared
your music, your interests, your secrets and
your dreams. Date in Real Life is that place
for you now that you are all grown up. Come
back to that wonderful feeling of friendship
and while you are here, fall in love.
When you do, we will throw you an
engagement party and dance at your wedding,
if you invite us."
-Date in Real Life


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We are please to announce our new Trainers Chris and Chelsea. Body building and shaping experts!

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meet and greet

Meet & Greets

Date in Real Life Inc and www.dateirl.com will be having "MEET AND GREETS" where you will have the opportunity to meet new members with common interests, at a scheduled place and time, with other members and administration present. Feel free to attend as many "MEETS AND GREETS" as you would like until you are comfortable to go on a one-on-one date with a member.


meet and greet

Date Safely Into The Night

1. DO NOT give out your real name and personal contact information in your profile. GUARD YOU IDENTITY.

2. DO NOT give out your real name, phone numbers and home or work addresses when communicate on-line until you are VERY comfortable doing so.


meet amd greet

Getting To Know You

There are so many tools at our disposal these days to check people out...be sure to use them... GOOGLE THEM... or try www.ask.com... you'd be surprised with what comes up when you type in someone's name on a search bar. You can also do a search for them on Facebook and Twitter.